Alexandros Arkadopoulos


Born in Ioannina in 1977, where he was also raised, Alexandros Arkadopoulos started his theoretical and practical musical education at the age of seven. The first instruments he was taught were keyboards, guitar, bouzouki and percussion. At the age of ten he started studying the flute and soon after, the traditional clarinet.

He has diplomas in Harmony, flute and Byzantine music. He graduated from the Music Department of the Philosophical School of the University of Athens. In his capacity as a flautist, he was one of the founding and leading members of the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Ioannina from 1987 and participated in numerous performances in Greece and abroad, under renowned Greek and foreign conductors.

He took his first lessons in [Greek] traditional clarinet with the great master from Epirus, Gregoris Kapsalis. He has participated in concerts, recordings, performances, as well as radio and television programs, with many of the most prominent contemporary composers and singers of both traditional and contemporary Greek music.

In 2004 he participated in the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics. He taught traditional wind instruments for four years in the Department of Popular and Traditional Music of the Technical College of Epirus. He is currently a professor at the Athens Conservatoire teaching traditional clarinet.

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