Unclock PLUS+

Unclock PLUS+ gives to all subscribers unlimited access to all extras offered by all unclock label artists.

How it works

All artists offer extras related to their releases and upload those extras to Unclock PLUS cloud. Extras may include:

  • Exclusive videos
  • Music sheets
  • Exclusive photos related to the artist or a specific release
  • Downloads (books, poems, lyrics)
  • Special access or discounts to live shows
  • Anything crazy our artists can think of! 

Each artist decides what to upload and offer on Unclock PLUS+. Specific details are mentioned on each artist page. 

How much does it cost

Access to Unclock PLUS+ costs 5.90€ per month. Each month all money are distributed to all artists in order to help them produce more music! 

Why subscribe

By subscribing to Unclock PLUS+

  • You get unlimited to All Extras offered by All Unclock artists. Discover unique gems that artists decide to share related to their releases or their entire work.
  • You help our artists produce more music as all funds are distributed directly to our artists.