Alexandros Arkadopoulos releases new single: “SKAROS”

20/1/2023 | SKAROS, the new release by Unclock records with the clarinet soloist Alexandros Arkadopoulos is based on a traditional Greek folklore genre (skaros) from the Epirus region, which the artist himself comes from.

The genre evolved from the floghera (Greek shepherd’s flute) repertoire as it was originally played by shepherds accompanying their flocks on their night grazing. Being one of the very few examples of Greek music which has essentially remained the same since before Homer’s Greece, it is an inevitable ‘rite of passage’ for all clarinetists, as Alexandros puts it. It mimics the sounds of nature and encompasses the ‘soul’ of Epirotic pastoral landscape so improvisation is at its very core, making it an extremely difficult song to play as it is ‘full of information.’

Alexandros utilizes phrases from traditional clarinet soloist legends on top of which he paints his own picture, never forgetting the essence of what skaros represents – a hymn to nature. ‘It is one of the first songs I learnt to play on the clarinet. It’s simply a must for us clarinet players.’ In SKAROS Arkadopoulos fully retains the authenticity of the genre while masterfully improvising on the theme and brings it out in this high fidelity recording. Alexandros’s phenomenal skill coupled with his musical and historical background delivers a unique piece that resonates long and deeply.



Alexandros Arkadopoulos: Clarinet 

Iordanis Kouzinopoulos: Lute 

Alexandros Sotirhos: Acoustic Guitar 

Mihalis Bakalis: Toubeleki

Release Date: March 3, 2023

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